Genus Lelenchus
Andrassy, 1954
Tylenchus (Lelenchus) Andrassy, 1954
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Diagnosis (from Raski and Geraert, 1985)
Slender nematodes, 'a' values range from 37-93; almost straight when fixed and mounted in glycerine. Cephalic region high, smooth, narrowed dorso-ventrally; amphid apertures long slits beginning near small oral cap or plate extending longitudinally to posterior margin of smooth cephalic region. Sclerotization delicate; stylet slender but distinct with small knobs (except in L. elegans knobs not visible); dorsal gland oriface near knobs (except in L. elegans appears to enter base of stylet). Median bulb slender, fusiform (spindle-shaped); valvular apparatus variously developed; isthmus very slender; posterior bulbar region pyriform to elongate. Spermatheca rounded to oval; uterine cells probably in quadricolumellar arrangement; vagina curved anteriorad (L. leptosoma) or perpindicular. Vulval opening with lateral membranes; post-uterine sac short. Tail long, becoming almost filimentous. Lateral field variable; lacking (L. leptosoma), a narrow band forming two lines (L. filicaudata) or two distended tube-like bands forming four lines. Males similar to females; caudal alae leptoderan, short.

Type species
L. leptosoma (de Man, 1880) Andrassy, 1954
   Tylenchus leptosoma de Man, 1880
   T. filiformis v. leptosoma de Man, 1880
   Anguillulina leptosoma (de Man, 1880) Goodey, 1932
   Deontolaimus tatricus Daday, 1896

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