Genus Laimaphelenchus
Fuchs, 1937
Definition:  Lip region offset with rounded lips.  Body cuticle fairly coarsely annulated.  Spear of variable length, 8-14u, of two parts, the anterior pointed, the posterior thicker, its lower end hardly thickened.. Cheilorhabdions forming a short guide-ring around the oral opening.  Procorpus narrow, cylindrical, bulb elongate, spherical with prominent valves.  Oesophageal glands lobe fairly long and prominent.  Excretory pore usually about 2 body-widths behind bulb.  Vulva posterior with a characteristic flap of cuticle covering it; vagina sloping forwards from the vulva; post-vulval sac long, stretching about halfway to the anus.  Tails of both sexes conoid, the terminus sometimes narrowing suddenly dorsally being cylindrical for a short distance before ending in the usually 4 (sometimes ?3) stalked and fringed tubercles.  Male tail with apparently 3 pairs of caudal papillae, 1 pre-anal level with the proximal ends of the spicules, 1 adanal and 1 post-anal about halfway down the tail.  Testis tip may be reflexed slightly.  Spicules curved with prominent apex, rounded rostrum and rather wide shaft with typical dorsal and ventral limbs.  The male tail figured by Fuchs is obviously of some other genus.

Type species:  Laimaphelenchus moro Fuchs, 1937

(Description- Goodey, 1963)