Labronema varicaudatum
Thorne, 1939
Syn. Dorylaimus varicaudatus Thorne, 1929
Photo Gallery- Long's Peak, Colorado

Description (from Thorne, 1929)
    Characters probably nearest to Dorylaimus obtusicaudatus Bastian but with these differences:  Esophagus shorter.  Ovaries about twice as long; eggs smaller and present in the uterus in greater numbers.  Terminus of female tail variably elongated.  Male preanal supplements larger but only 24-30 in number compared to about 40 in obtusicaudatus.  Spicula conspicuously long and rather slender.  Males numerous while in obtusicaudatus they are rare.
    Posterior half of esophagus enlarged.  Front ovary on the left, the rear on the right side of the body.  Eggs small, only two-thirds as long as the vulva body diameter and twice as long as wide.  As many as twelve may occur in the body at one time.  Prerectum about equal in length to rectum.