Genus Labronema
Thorne, 1939
Synonym:  Witoldinema Brzeski, 1960
Photo Gallery- 9 Mile Prairie

Definition:  Dorylaiminae.  Characterized by the presence of 6 inarching lip flaps over the entrance to the stoma; the anterior region of the oesophagus is rather stouter than in other Dorylaims and only slightly offset from the posterior portion.  Tails bluntly rounded in both sexes.
    Lateral chords uniformily granular without gland-like organs.  Lateral pores in 2 lines.  Spear strongly developed, with aperture occupying 1/2 or less of its length.  Guiding ring usually appearing double.  Vulva with cuticularized lips; female gonads paired, opposed and reflexed.  Testes paired, opposed.  Spicules dorylaimoid with lateral guiding pieces.  Supplements consisting of an adanal pair and a contiguous ventro-median series.  Lateral, submedian papillae present on hind end of male.

Type Species:  Labronema ferox Thorne, 1939
-Goodey, 1963

Species found:      at:
L. ferox Konza Prairie, 9-Mile Prairie
L. hyalinum 9-Mile Prairie
L. obesum Konza Prairie, 9-Mile Prairie
L. rapax Konza Prairie
L. varicaudatum Haughton Crater, Long's Peak