Labronema obesum
Thorne, 1974
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- 9 Mile Prairie

2.2 mm; a = 25; b = 4.1; c = 60; V = 53
     Body practically straight.  Lateral field 1/3 body width.  Lips angular, set off by deep constriction.  Amphid a prominent feature as illustrated. Spear almost as wide as adjacent cuticle, 33u long with aperture occupying 2/5 its length. Guiding ring double.  Esophagus 1/3 neck width narrowing to 1/6 as it passes through nerve ring, then gradually expanding until half as wide as neck. Cardia elongate conoid, half as long as body width.  Intestinal cells with scattered dark brown granules, often slightly tesellated.  Prerectum length twice body width.  Vulva longitudinal.  Ovaries reflexed about half-way back to vulva.  Males not collected and females contained no sperms.
     Labronema obesum is distinctive because of its massive body, unusual amphid, monosexuality, and elongate hemispheroid tail with distinctive central core.
     Habitat:  A single collection from prairie sod west of Sidney, Montana.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
GD664-23 Nebraska Cornfield
GD664-24 Nebraska Cornfield