Genus Labronemella

Qudsianematidae.  Body 1.2 to 2.8 mm long.  Cuticle finely striated radially.  Head strongly offset, somewhat discolaimoid, oral field plate-like, sunk, with well separated inner liplets; field of inner liplets wider than one external lip.  Spear very slender, about 15 times longer than wide, longer than one head diameter, with large orifice.  Guiding ring double.  Oesophagus strongly muscular, expanding near the middle.  Female gonads paired.  Preanal copulatory supplements 11 to 21, close, very low.  Tail of both sexes similar, as long as or a little longer than anal body diameter.

Type species: Labronemella labiata
The genus Labronemella is very close to Labronema  Thorne, 1939 but the head is Discolaimus-like, with deeply sunk oral field and well separated inner liplets, the spear very slender and comparatively long, and the guiding ring double.
Aquatic, semi-aquatic or terrestrial animals.

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L. ruttneri Konza Prairie