Genus Iotonchus
(Cobb, 1916) Altherr, 1950
Syn. Mononchus (Iotonchus) Cobb, 1916
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Costa Rica

Genus Comparisons- Mononchid heads 

Definition:  Mononchidae.  Stoma narrow oval or very wide and barrel-shaped; strongly cuticularized; dorsal tooth in posterior half, pointing forward; sub-ventral teeth lacking.  Amphid edges may be slightly crenate. Oesophago-intestinal junction tuberculate. Ovaries usually paired, rarely single. Tail narrow and much elongated or short and conical.  Caudal glands and terminal duct rarely absent.

Type species:  Iotonchus gymnolaimus (Cobb, 1893) Andrássy, 1958
    syn. Mononchus gymnolaimus Cobb, 1893
        M. (Iotonchus) gymnolaimus Cobb, 1893 (Cobb, 1916)

(Description- Goodey, 1963)

Specimens from Costa Rica
    Iotonchus sp. (1)