Helicotylenchus pseudorobustus
(Steiner, 1914)  Golden 1945


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George Washington Memorial Parkway
Konza Prairie
Nine-mile Prairie
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L = 0.65 mm;  a = 30; b = 5.3; c = 38; V = 61

Body spiral when relaxed. Lip region conoid, rounded, bearing 5 annules. However, on some speimens annules of the anterior head and lip region were so minute that they were scarcely visible.  Spear 30u long with cupped knobs. Dorsal esophageal gland outlet 10u behind spear.  Spermagonia a prominent feature of the reproductive tract.  Phasmids 7-9 annules anterior to anus. Tail with 7-9 ventral annules, bearing an elongated terminus which usually is slightly annulated.
Habitat:  Windbreak 4 miles north of Brookings, South Dakota.

(Description-Thorne and Malek, 1968)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
KonzaIII GG-80 Konza Prairie, First survey