Genus Hoplotylus

Strong sexual dimorphism present in anterior body. Deirids absent (said to be present in the male of H. femina). Female labial area dome-shaped; cephalic sclerotization strong. Stylet strong with basal knobs rounded of provided with anterior processes.

Oesophageal glands in line, with moderate dorsal overlap of the intestine. Oesophago-intestinal valve undeveloped. Posterior genital branch reduced to a post uterine sac. Tail elongate-conical, rounded terminaly. Male lip region, high, asymmetrical (dorsal sectors higher), not or only slightly set-off; cephalic sclerotization weak; stylet and oesophagus reduced. Gubernaculum not protruding. Caudal alae sub-terminal.

Species List:
Hoplotylus femina
Hoplotylus montanus
Hoplotylus silvaticus
Hoplotylus sjacobi