Helicotylenchus labiodiscinus
Sher, 1966
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery-Homestead Nat'l Monument
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L = 0.7 mm; a = 35;  b = 5.9; c = 35;  V = 54
Body a tight spiral when relaxed. Cuticle with annules only 1u wide near midbody.  Lip region conoid, without annules, ending in a distinct disc which sometimes is slightly concave. Spear 20u-23u long, somewhat shorter than those described by Sher, with strong, slightly cupped knobs. Excretory pore about opposite junction of esophagus and intestine, with hemizonid slightly anterior.  Apparently spermagonia were developing in the young females collected. Terminus variable, blunt, indented or elongate-conoid with 15-20 annules. Phasmids near middle of tail.  Males not seen and spermatozoa not present in uterine tract.
     Helicotylenchus labiodiscinus is immediately recognized by the discoid lip region, fine annulation and 15-20 caudal annules.
     Habitat:  Six immature females from lawn, Aberdeen, South Dakota.
(Description- Thorne and Malek, 1968)

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KonzaV AA-103 Konza Prairie, First survey