Helicotylenchus glissus
Thorne & Malek, 1968
0.7 mm; a = 26; b = 6.6; c = 44; V = 62

Lateral fields marked by 4 incisures. Anterior end tapering to rounded lip region which is smooth or marked by excessively fine striael, apparently 5 in number.  Spear about 25u long with massive, slightly cupped knobs.  Dorsal esophageal gland outlet about 10u behind spear, the tube between it and the spear frequently bent.  Median bulb about 1/2 neck width.  Isthmus as long as body width, the broad nerve ring occupying almost 1/2 its length.  Esophageal lobes somewhat less than twice neck width.  Excretory pore slightly posterior to junction of esophagus and intestine, with hemizonid anteriorly adjacent.  Ovaries outstretched, uteri with distinct spermagonia.  Tail digitate in varying degrees, with 5-7 ventral annules.  Phasmids 3 to 6 annules anterior to anus.

Helicotylenchus glissus is distinctive because of its almost unstriated lip region, variable digitate terminus, distance of esophageal gland outlet from spear base and monosexuality.

Habitat:  Corn field 3 miles west of Fairmont, and windbreak 5 miles south of Stromsburg, Nebraska.