Genus Hemicycliophora
de Man, 1921
syn. Procriconema Micoletzky, 1925

Photo Galleries:
Durango, Colorado

J Dickinson State Park, Florida
Grundy State Forest, Tennessee
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Doolittle Prairie, IA
Costa Rica
Niobrara River, Nebraska
Serpentine soils, Maryland
Fern Clyffe State Park, Illinois
Archbold Biological Station, Florida

Hemicycliophorinae.  Cephalic region broadly rounded, continuous with body.  Body conspicuously recessed just behind vulva and anterior to base of penial tube.  Female and juvenile tails elongate-conoid, filiform or cylindroid, rarely hemispherical.  Vulva lips modified, pointed, divergent, less than three body annules long.  Spicules semicircular.  Cloacal lips elongated to form a penial tube, which is less than one body width long and directed outward and forward. Pre- and postanal stretches of bursa almost equal.
(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)

Type species
    Hemicycliophora typica de Man, 1921
        syn.  Procriconema membranifer Micoletzky, 1925
           Hemicycliophora membranifer (Micoletzky) Loos, 1948

Species List

Species found:            at:
H. gracilis Barta Brothers Ranch, NE sandhills
H. typica Greece

DNA Sequence Obtained
specimen:               collected:
Palm 1- 01 Costa Rica
801S-025 La Selva Biological Sta., CR
LC-02 16777 Las Cruces Biological Sta., CR
LC-01 16776 Las Cruces Biological Sta., CR

This genus included in the Criconematid Project