Hemicriconemoides wessoni
Chitwood & Birchfield, 1957
        syn.  Hemicycliophora wessoni (Chitwood & Birchfield) Goodey, 1963
            Hemicriconemoides annulatus Pinochet & Raski, 1975
Photo Galleries:
Archbold Biological Station, Florida
Ichtucknee River, Florida

DESCRIPTION:  Females  382.5-499.8 microns long (Av. 10, 429.2 microns) by 30.6-40.8 (Av. 34.0 microns) wide, a, 12.7 (10.7-15.0, 10 spec.); b, 4.6 (4.0-5.5, 10 spec.); c, 19.3 (13.0-28.0, 10 spec.); V, 92%, (89-93.5%, 10 spec.), with about 76-83 annules on sheath; annules somewhat flattened but not retrorse, about 4-5 microns wide; annules on inner body cuticle somewhat smaller and not as clearly defined; head not clearly set off but cephalic region probably to be regarded as 2 annules; sheath not necessarily enclosing tail tip; latter rather narrow conoid, sheath tail tip broadly conoid; body annules not as clearly set off as sheath annules, without special marking. Stylet about 54 microns long (8 spec. 50.0-60.0 microns); knobs reflexed anteriad 8.5-11.3 by 4-5 microns according to position; dorsal gland orifice about 9 microns posterior to base of stylet; excretory pore not observed; intestine extending a little anterior to base of esophagus on dorsal side; anus at about 5th annule from posterior end of body; vulva at about 9th annule from posterior end of body.
EGG: not observed.
MALE (length unknown, specimen lost): diameter 14-16 microns; lateral ridges (3) extending length of body with central ridge disappearing posterior to anus; tail 34 microns long; spicules finely arcuate, 25 microns long; gubernaculum small; no special projection of lateral alae in cloacal region. Phasmids near tail tip.
TYPE HOST: Myrica cerifera L., (roots)
TYPE LOCALITY:  Alturas, Florida
OTHER SPECIMENS AND LOCALITIES:  Near Kissimmee River, Highlands Co., Fla., 1 mi. N. of Brownville, Florida.
Specimens were collected by H. Wesson,  June 21, June 22 and July 2, 1956.
(Description- Chitwood and Birchfield, 1957)