Genus Gymnotylenchus
Siddiqi, 1961
Gymnotylenchinae.  Adults found inside roots:  body straight to ventrally arcuate when relaxed; 0.48-0.63 mm long; a = 34-43 in type species.  Cuticle finely striated.  Lateral field with six incisures.  Stylet moderately strong, small (8-11 um long in type species); knobs distinctly rounded.  Oesophagus cylindroid, with a non-valvate swelling in region of orifices of subventral glands.  Orifice of dorsal oesophageal gland closely behind stylet base.  Oesophago-intestinal junction anterior to nerve ring.  Oesophageal glands forming an elongate diverticulum extending over intestine dorsally or subdorsally.  Excretory pore behind nerve ring.  Vulva small, transversely oval, pore-like, at 80-84% of body length in type species.  Vagina directed forward.  A quadricolumella of 16 cells present.  Spermatheca not formed.  Vulva-anus distance a little more than tail length in type species.  Intestine with distinct lumen thoughout.  Rectum and anus distinct.  Female tail elongate-subcylindroid, with a rounded smooth terminus.  Entomoparasitic generation:  Preadult, impregnated infective females seen but not described by Siddiqi (1961).  Male tail similar to that of free-living female, but slightly directed dorsally.  Vas deferens packed with minute sperm numbering several hundreds.  Testis outstretched with tip sometimes reflexed, reaching oesophagus, with spermatocytes in one or two rows.  No trace of bursa or gubernaculum.  Spicules prominently cephalated, distally pointed.

Type species
    Gymnotylenchus zeae Siddiqi, 1961

Other species
    Gymnotylenchus dendrophilus (Rühm, 1956) Sumenkova, 1975
        syn. Neotylenchus dendrophilus Rühm, 1956
    G. fusiformis Truskova & Eroshenko, 1977

(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Crest Pine-11 Lincoln, NE