Genus Funaria
van der Linde, 1938
Syn.: Doryschota Thorne, 1964
Diagnosis: Leptonchidae.  Body cylindroid except at extremeites.  Lateral pores conspicuous.  Female tail dorsally convex conoid to acute terminus.   Male tail arcuate with reflexed terminus.  Spear slender, about as long as width of lip-region.  Esophagus a slender tube, expanding to a cylindroid bulb about 3 times as long as wide containing 5 gland nuclei.  Vulva longitudinal.  Ovaries symmetrical.  Spicula elongate, arcuate with lateral guiding pieces.
(Description- Thorne, 1964)

Diagnosis:  Body cylindroid and arcuate.  Cuticle with fine transverse striations, sub-cuticle distinctly and coarsely striated.  Radial refractive elements present.  Body pores arranged in two rows.  Lip region offset, lips and papillae distinct.  Amphids apparently duplex.  Stoma cuticularized.  Odontostyle usually slender, sometimes arcuate; odontophore cuticularized, arcuate.  Oesophagus slender, oesophageal bulb long and cylindrical.  Cardia distinct and large.  Vulva longitudinal.  Female reproductive system amphidelphic.  Prerectum very long, its junction with intestine posterior to vulva and guarded by three cells. Spicules dorylaimoid; lateral guiding pieces and series of well-spaced ventromedian supplements present.  Tail hemispheroid, bluntly conoid, tip mucronate or acute; similar in sexes.
(Description- Jairajpuri and Ahmad, 1992)

Type species:  Funaria thornei van der Linde, 1938.

Species found:      at:
F. cacti 9 Mile Prairie

Other species:
    F. apitica (Thorne, 1964) Goseco, Ferris and Ferris, 1974
        Syn.: Doryschota apitica Thorne, 1964
    F. cacti Goseco, Ferris and Ferris, 1974
    F. fimbriata (Thorne, 1939) Goseco, Ferris and Ferris, 1974
        Syn.: Leptonchus fimbriatus Thorne, 1939
    F. indica Bajaj and Bhatti, 1982
    F. maryanneae Goseco and Ferris, 1976
    F. obtusa (Thorne, 1939) Goseco, Ferris and Ferris, 1974
        Syn.: Leptonchus obtusus Thorne, 1939
    F. orientalis Khan and Khan, 1988
    F. ourasphaira Goseco, Ferris and Ferris, 1974
    F. rothi Goseco, Ferris and Ferris, 1974