Filenchus marinus
(Timm, 1956) Raski & Geraert, 1987
Syn.:  Tylenchus marinus Timm, 1956
Photo Gallery-Konza Prairie

Female:  610u; a, 32; b, 5.6; c, 6; V, 71%.
Description:  Body cylindrical, transparent, tapering rapidly anteriad from the middle bulb and finely tapering posteriad from just behind the anus; posterior half of tail uniformly tapering to a fine point.  Cuticular striation very fine, not obvserved on the head.  Lateral field with 4 faint incisures.  Head not set off, not supported internally by sclerotized pieces; cheilorhabdions unsclerotized.  Stylet fine, 12.8 um long, without distinct basal knobs but with sclerotized attachment points.  Oesophagus tylenchoid, middle bulb well set off, with small valves and weak musculature; somewhat expanded terminal bulb, not extending over the anterior end of the intestine.  Excretory pore opposite the beginning of the terminal bulb.  Ovary single, outstretched, extending almost to the base of the oesophagus; short post-vulvar uterine sac.  Cervical papillae opposite excretory pore.  Phasmid at the end of the conical portion of the tail.  Tail 11.7 anal diameters long, with uncinate tip.
Habitat:  Living in the top inch of bottom mud on a mud flat at low tide.
Type locality:  Sonadia Island, Bay of Bengal, Cox's Bazar, East Pakistan
(Description- Timm, 1956)