Filenchus magnus
(Husain & Khan, 1976) Siddiqi, 1986
Syn.: Lelenchus magnus  Husain & Khan, 1976
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

4 females:  L = 0.31-0.40 mm; a = 31-37; b = 5.5-6.0; c = 5-6; V = 66-70; spear = 5-6um.
Female (holotype):  L = 0.37 mm; a = 34; b = 5.8; c = 6; V = 68; spear = 6um.
Body cylindrical, ventrally arcuate when relaxed by gentle heat, tapering towards both extemities.  Curicle finely striated.  Lateral field marked by four incisures.  Lip region continuous with the body contour, faintly annulated.  Spear short with rounded knobs.  Orifice of the dorsal oesophageal gland at about 1.5um from the spear base.  Oesophagus typical for the genus.  Isthmus slender, with nerve ring at about 43um and excretory pore at about 52um form the anterior end.  The distance from the anterior end to the end of the median bulb is equal to the distance from the latter to the base of oesophagus.  Hemizonid distinct, just anterior to the excretory pore.  Cardia hemispherical.  Vulva a transverse slit, vagina leading 1/3 into the body.  Ovary single, prodelphic, outstretched.  Post-uterine sac absent.  Vulva-anus distance less than the tail length.  Tail long and filiform with acute terminus, measuring about twice the vulva-anus distance.
Male:  not found.
Type habitat and locality:  Collected from soil around roots of Solanum tuberosum L. from Ranikhet, U.P., India.
Diagnosis and relationshipsLelenchus magnus sp. n. comes close to L. discrepans (Andrassy, 1954) Meyl, 1960, L. aberrans (Altherr, 1952) Andrassy, 1954, L. infirmus (Andrassy, 1954) Meyl, 1960 and L. minutus (Cobb, 1893) Andrassy, 1954.  It however differs from L. discrepans in possessing longer spear, absence of post-uterine sac, continuous lip region, and posteriorly located vulva (V = 61-2-62.4 in discrepans); from L. aberrans in having larger b-value (b = 3.5-4.8 in aberrans), longer spear, posteriorly located vulva and the absence of post-uterine sac; from L. infirmus in the presence of spear knobs, absence of post-uterine sac, larger c-value and posteriorly located vulva (c = 3.5 and V = 58 in infirmus) and from L. minutus in possessing smaller spear, larger b-value, posteriorly located vulva (b = 4.2 and V = 65-67 in minutus) and absence of post-uterine sac.
(Description- Husain and Khan, 1975)