Filenchus exiguus
de Man, 1876
Syn: Tylenchus exiguus
(species inquirende et incertae sedis -Siddiqi, 1986)
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Nine-mile Prairie

L = 0.7 mm; V = 66; a=34; b=5.6; c= 5.3;
L = 0.6 mm; T = 41; a = 35; b = 4.8; c = 5.2
Tails of both sexes filiform. Lateral fields 1/4 - 1/5 as wide as body, marked by 4 fine incisures. Lip region slightly set off, minutely striated. Spear about 10u long, strongly knobbed, its muscles attached to cephalic framework. Cardia conoid. Excretory pore slightly anterior to basal bulb. Hemizonid adjacent to pore.  Ovary outstretched with oocytes in single file. Poterior uterine branch half as long as body width. Body tapering uniformly from vulva to terminus, the vulva-anus distance being about equal to tail length.
     Male similar to female with typical tylenchoid spicula and short, slightly arcuate gubernaculum.  Measurement and morphological characters well within range of those from European specimens.

Habitat:  Probably the most widespread of all Tylenchus in the region, appearing in practically all soil samples from virgin and cultivated fields, especially grass pastures.