Filenchus discrepans
(Andrássy, 1954) Andrássy, 1972
T. (Lelenchus) discrepans Andrássy, 1954
L. discrepans (Andrássy, 1954) Meyl, 1961
O. discrepans (Andrássy, 1954) Siddiqi & Hawksworth, 1982
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Female:  L = 0.398-0.407 mm; a = 27.2-51.6; b = 5.3-6.8; c = 4.0-4.4 V = 61.2-64.1%
Male:  L = 0.340-0.382 mm; a = 32.3; b = 4.8; c = 3.4-4.8

Cephalic capsule separated, probably finely annulate.  Rings on body distinct at a magnification of 2,520X (immersion).  Lateral field narrow, 1/6 to 1/8 body diameter.  Stylet thin, distinct, 7.0-7.7u.  Protractors attached to radial margins of cephalic capsule.  Metacorpal bulb narrow-oval.  Isthmus thin, about as long as the procorpus.  Nerve ring near cardial bulb.  Conical cardium projecting into cavity of midgut.  Excretory pore opposite nerve ring.  Ovary oligopropagatory.  Spermatheca oval.  Preuteral gland irregular.  Posterior uterus very slightly shorter than corresponding body diameter.  Tail of females narrow-conical, with filiform terminus.  Bursal alae adanal, anteriorly not reaching level of spicule heads.  Spicules 13-14u, gubernaculum 2.9-3.0 u long.
This species is closely related to T. infirmis.

Ecological notes.  Hungary.  Leaf floor of oak forests.  Later I saw Andrássy's reports (1958) that in Hungary this species is found "quite often, including in decomposing plant remains and in mosses" (1958, p. 28).  Several lines above, in characterizing the habitat of this species, Andrássy indicates: "floor of conifer forest, detritus, humus of conifer forest, mycelium, damp moss..."
(Description- Skrjabin, 1970)