Eudorylaimus subdigitalis
Tjepkema, Ferris & Ferris, 1971
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
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Measurements (from Thorne, 1974):
L = 1.3 mm; a = 23; b = 3.6; c = 24; V = 54

Description (from  Thorne, 1974):
    Body usually slightly arcuate.  Lateral field 1/3 body width, with two lines of cells, each with a distinct nucleus.  Lip region somewhat angular, set off by low depression.  Spear 15 um long with aperture occupying 2/5 its length.  Esophagus enlarged near middle by gradual expansion.  Cardia elongated, varying considerably in length.  Intestinal cells packed with minute, brown, refractive granules.  Vulva transverse with sclerotized labia.  Ovaries reflexed about halfway to vulva.  Egg length 1 1/2 times body width.  Prerectum about 1 1/2 times body width, often with slight dorsad extension.  Tail slightly arcuate ventrally with small rounded terminus.  Males not collected and gravid females contained no sperms.
    Eudorylaimus subdigitalis is distinctive because of slightly set off lip region, rather long spear aperture, transverse vulva with sclerotized labia and slightly arcuate tail with rounded terminus.
    Habitat: Cultivated field near Meckling and native sod, Emmig and Rapid City, South Dakota.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IBB-31 Konza Prairie, First Survey
Konza IAC-138 Konza Prairie, First Survey