Eudorylaimus similis
(de Man, 1876) Andrassy, 1959
Syn.: Dorylaimus similis de Man, 1876

Lip region comparatively broad, somewhat less than one-third as wide as base of neck, very definitely set off; lips distinct, with very conspicuous papillae; esophagus enlarged a little before the middle, becoming two-thirds as wide as the base of the neck; intestine three-fifths as wide as body; rectum about as long as anal body diameter; prerectum twice as long as corresponding body diameter.  Eggs measure .09 mm in length; tail short, ventrally arcuate, teminus acute.
De Man (1884) suggests that Dorylaimus sp. mentioned by Butschli (1873) from the roots of a wild strawberry plant may be synonymous.
Habitat:  Wet meadow soils about roots of mosses in Holland.
(Description- Thorne & Swanger, 1936)