Eudorylaimus meridionalis
Tjempka, Ferris & Ferris, 1971
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Measurements (from Tjempka, Ferris & Ferris, 1971)
L = 1.00 mm; a = 27; b = 4.08; c = 21.8; V = 50.7

Description (from Tjempka, Ferris & Ferris, 1971)
    Body ventrally curved weakly to fairly strongly when relaxed; posterior end curved same or more than anterior.  Body diameter increases from lips to base of esophagus 2.5 times.  Lip width 13.3u.  Lips fairly well separated from each other and set off from body by a weak to fairly strong constriction.  Lips fairly angular with bulnt or pointed papillae barely to moderately protruding.  Amphids funnel-shaped, 5-7u wide at opening.  Cuticle faintly annulated; tichkness at mid-bidy 2.0u.  Cuticle thickness at head same as at mid-body;  thickness at tail twice as great.  Cuticle divided into thin outer layer and thicker inner layer.  Lateral cord width 12u.
    Spear length 14.4u.  Width of spear 2.1u.  Spear aperature 36 % of spear length.  Spear extension length obscure.  Guiding sheath slightly everted when spear is completely retracted; anterior attachment of sheath ring-like.  Esophagus enlarges gradually between narrow anterior and wide posterior portions; enlargement begins at 43% of esophagus length from base.  Cardia cylindrical or conical, 8-17u long.  Intestine 5-6 cells in circumference.  Rectum length 45u.  Anal body diameter 23u.  Tail curved ventrally 30-90 degrees from body axis.  Caudal papillae obscure.
    Anterior and posterior gonads 11% of body length; reflexed 50-100%.  Vulval labia with rectangular or somewhat triangular sclerotized pieces.  One egg 37 X 72u observed in an oviduct.

Type localities and Habitats:  All type localities from Indiana except when indicated.  Holotype: grassy area, Brown County State Park.  Paratypes: same as holotype; prairie, Willow Slough State Game Preserve; woods, Bule River; woods, Portland Arch near Attica; grassy band of reservoir, Salamonie River State Forest; woods, Brown County State Park; grassy area, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky; grassy bank of river, Blue River; woods, Lafayette.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IAB-150 Konza Prairie, First Survey
Konza IIAD-45 Konza Prairie, First Survey
Konza IIICC-126 Konza Prairie, First Survey