Eudorylaimus andrassyi
Andrassyi, 1959 (Meyl, 1955)
Synonym: Dorylaimus andrassyi Meyl, 1955

Measurements (from Thorne, 1974):
L = 1.7 mm; a = 24; b = 4.1; c = 30; V = 55
L = 1.7 mm; a = 27; b = 4.2; c = 29; T = 55

Description (from Thorne, 1974):
    Body slightly arcuate, ventrally bent posteriorly in male.  Lateral field about 1/3 body width without visible cells.  Lip region angular with conspicuous papillae.  Spear 20 um long with aperture 1/3 its length.  Guiding ring refractive, 1/4 head width.  Esophagus expanded rather abruptly in basal 3/7.  Cardia conoid, about as long as body width.  Intestine with fine, dark, refractive granules.  Vulva longitudinal.  Ovaries reflexed about 1/2 their length.  Uteri forming huge spermatheca packed with sperms; as many as 5 eggs observed in one female.  Prerectum length about twice body diameter.  Rectum slightly longer than tail.  Spicula unusually long, extending to a point almost opposite first supplement.
    Eudorylaimus andrassyi is distinctive because of its size, tail forms, and especially  number and arrangement of supplements.
    Habitat: Grain field, Barnesville, Minnesota; and about roots of young willows, Behrens Ranch, South Dakota.