Eudorylaimus altherri
Tjepkema, Ferris & Ferris,  1971
Photo Gallery- Long's Peak, Colorado
Photo Gallery-Homestead Nat'l Monument

Measurements (from Tjempka, Ferris & Ferris, 1971)
L = 1.58 mm; a = 27.3; b = 3.93; c= 31.4; V = 51.6

Description (from Tjempka, Ferris & Ferris, 1971)
    Body weakly curved ventrally when relaxed; curved more posteriorly than anteriorly.  Body diameter increases from lips to base of esophagus 3.3 times.  Lip width 16.3u.  Lips moderately separated from each other and moderately to fairly strongly set off from body.  Lips angular with bulnt or pointed papillae not protruding or protruding weakly to moderately.  Amphids cup-shaped, 10-12u wide at opening.  Cuticle faintly annulated; thickness at mid-body 3.1u.  Cuticle thickness at head a little less than at mid-body; thickness at tail a little greater.  Cuticle divided into a thin outer layer and a thicker inner layer.  Lateral cord width 21u.
    Spear length 19.3u.  Width of spear 2.4u.  Spear aperature 41% of spear length.  Length of spear extension obscure.  Guiding sheath everted slightly when spear is completely retracted; anterior attachment of sheath ring-like.  Esophagus enlarges gradually between narrow anterior and wide posterior protions; enlargement begins at 46% of esophagus length from base.  Cardia cylindrical and 16-23u long.  Intestine 6-8 cells in circumference.  Rectum length 34u.  Prerectum length 90u.  Anal body diameter 31u.  Tail arcuate-conical with tip narrowly rounded to subarcuate.  Tail curved ventrally 30-60 degrees  from body axis.  Two caudal papillae.
    Anterior and posterior gonads 13% of body length.  Vulval labia with triangular sclerotized pieces.  Gonads reflexed 30-80%.  Two eggs in oviducts 40 X 72u and 40 X 68u.
    Male unknown.

Type localities and Habitats: All localities in Indiana.  Holotype: woods, Winamac Fish and Game Preserve.  Paratypes: same as holotype; woods, Lafayette; woods, Brown County State Park; woods, Salamonie River State Forest; woods, Terre Haute.