Eudorylaimus acutus
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

a=30; b=4; c=45

Striae more conspicuous than ordinarily found on a dorylaim; lip region about 1/3 as wide as neck base, set off by a deep depression; lips rounded; spear as long, and almost ¼ as wide as lip region, the aperture occupying ½ its length; tail conoid, straight or slightly arcuate; esophagus enlarged by a gradual expression near the middle until the posterior portion is 3/5 as wide as neck.

Cardia conoid, ¼ as wide as the body; intestine as wide as the esophagus; rectum length equal to anal body diameter; prerectum twice length of rectum.  Ovaries reflexed half-way to vulva; vagina extending 1/3 the distance across the body, its walls almost twice the thickness of the cuticle at the vulva.  Lateral cord 1/6 body width; caudal papillae prominent.

Habitat: Foot-hill soil Wasatch Mountains, Utah, and nursery soil, Painesville, Ohio