Eudorylaimus conicaudatus
Thorne, 1974
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery-Homestead Nat'l Monument

Measurements (from Thorne, 1974):
L = 1.5 mm; a = 25; b = 4.5; c = 30; V = 50

Description (from Thorne, 1974):
    Body slightly arcuate.  Lateral field 1/2 body width.  Lip region slightly set off with low but distinct papillae.  Spear 15 um long with aperture 2/5 its length.  Guiding ring refractive, 1/3 head width.  Posterior 3/7 of esophagus enlarged by gradual expansion.  Cardia discoid, then bluntly conoid, 1/2 body width long.  Intestine with dense, dark granules and lumen packed with dark food.  Prerectum length equal to body width, rectum as long as anal body diameter.  Vulva transverse with highly sclerotized labia.  Ovaries reflexed about half the distance back to vulva.  Egg length about 1 1/2 body width, four being observed in one specimen.  Tail conoid to blunt, rounded terminus.  A single pair of caudal pores seen.
    Eudorylaimus conicaudatus is distinctive because of its obscure lips, conoid, bluntly rounded terminus, transverse vulva with highly sclerotized labia and short prerectum.
    Habitat: A single collection from prairie sod near Emmig, South Dakota.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IBB-10 Konza Prairie, First survey
Konza IBB-120 Konza Prairie, First survey
Konza IVBC-80 Konza Prairie, First survey