Epidorylaimus lugdunensis
de Man, 1880
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

1.0 mm; a = 32-35; b = 3.5-4; c = 7-11
1.2 mm; a = 28; b = 3.3; c = 12.4

Base of esophagus less than three times the width of lip region; lips conspicuous, set off by a constriction; esophagus enlarged rather suddenly posterior to middle; rectum somewhat longer than anal body diameter; prerectum twice length of rectum; eggs twice as long as body width, one-third as long; tail uniformly conoid to the acute terminus; spicula very arcuate; supplements 12, beginning within the length of the spicula and somewhat irregularly spaced. the series occupying about three and one-half body widths; terminus fine with minutely rounded end.

Female formula and description from de Man, that of the male from Steiner.
Habitat: Moist soil, various points in Europe.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IAD-97 Konza Prairie, First Survey
Konza IAD-145 Konza Prairie, First Survey
9Mile 3-26 LP2-56 9 Mile Prairie, First Survey