Genus Epicharinema
Raski,Maggenti,Koshy,and Sosamma, 1980


Body long (L= 1.11-1.53 mm), very slender (a = 67-122). Cuticle smooth over most of body, phasmids not seen. Body narrows slightly anteriorly then more abruptly near anterior extremity. Cephalic region flattened dorso-ventrally, with rounded margins, almost truncate anteriorly. Stylet long (38-51um), cone very slender, knobs well-developed. Metacorpus distinctly rounded and set-off, with well-developed valve. Esophageal glands slightly overlapping intestine. Female gonad anteriorly directed ; no post-vulval uterine branch observed. Female tail long, slender, narrowing gradually from vulva to acute terminus. Male body narrows abruptly at cloaca, tail almost tubular, very long and slender. Caudal alae prominent, leptoderan, with two sclerotized ribs supporting each ala. Spicules tylenchoid. Gubernaculum 8-14 um long, slender, simple. Testis single, outstretched.