Longidorella penetrans
(Thorne & Swanger, 1936) Goodey, 1963
Syn.:  Dorylaimus penetrans  Thorne and Swanger, 1936
Eudorylaimus penetrans (Thorne and Swanger, 1936) Andrassy, 1959
Nordia penetrans (Thorne and Swanger, 1936) Jairajpuri and A.H. Siddiqi, 1964
Enchodorella penetrans (Thorne and Swanger, 1936) Siddiqi, 1964

femalea = 18; b = 2.8-3.3; c = 25
Lip region continuous with the neck contour; lips low and rounded; spear sometimes curved, its length being three times the lip region width; spear extension three-fourths as long as the spear; esophagus enlarged in the posterior half until three-fifths as wide as neck; cardia hemispherical; rectum and prerectum each about as long as the anal body diameter.  Ovaries reflexed two-thirds the distance to the vulva; eggs one and one-half times as long as the body width; tail somewhat convex-conoid to the blunt terminus.
Most closely related to Dorylaimus microdorus from which it differs in the relatively shorter spear, and the tail form.
Habitat:  Mountain and desert soil at many points in Utah and from sandy loam, El Paso, Texas, U.S.A.  The Texas specimens have a slightly longer spear and esophagus than those from Utah.
(Description- Thorne and Swanger, 1936)

0.6 mm; a = 18; b = 3.0; c = 18; V = 61
Body almost straight when relaxed, tapering both ways from near middle.  Lip region set off  by depression with slightly prominent papillae.  Spear length 34-37u, its extensions of a similar length.  Guiding ring double.  Esophagus enlarged in posterior 2/5.  Cardia 1/3 body width, without disc.  Vulva a transverse slit with muscular labia.  Ovaries reflexed halfway to vulva except when crowded out of place by eggs which average twice as long as body width and are almost always present when specimens are collected.
Habitat: Frequently collected  in small numbers from many points between Trinidad, Colorado north to eastern Montana, in both virgin and cultivated soil.  Nothing is known of its feeding habits but the spear type indicates that it must attack the roots of plants.