Genus Enchodelus
Thorne, 1939
     Syn.:  Heterodorus Altherr, 1952
Photo Gallery- Haughton Crater

Definition:  Tylencholaiminae.  Spear lineate with very short aperture, extensions well developed, rod-like or broadly flanged.  Guiding ring usually appearing double.  Posterior enlarged part of oesophagus somewhat shortened, with the conspicuous first pair of ventro-submedian nuclei placed rather far forward.  Ovaries paired in all known species.  Males with 7 or more supplements in the median row, generally fairly close together.

Type species:  Enchodelus macrodorus (de Man, 1880) Thorne 1939

                syn.  Dorylaimus macrodous de Man, 1880
                     D. (Doryllium) macrodorus de Man, 1880 (Micoletzky, 1922)
                     D. (Dorylaimellus) macrodorus de Man, 1880 (Schneider, 1939)
                        Dorylaimellus macrodorus (de Man, 1880) Throne & Sw., 1936
-Goodey, 1963

Species found:    at:
E. analatus Haughton crater
E. arcuatus Konza Prairie, Haughton Crater 
E. brevidentatus Konza Prairie, Haughton crater, Long's Peak 
E. hopedorus Long's Peak