Enchodelus analatus
(Ditlevsen, 1927) Thorne, 1939
Syn. :  Dorylaimus (Doryllium) analatus Ditlevsen, 1927
Dorylaimellus analatus (Ditlevsen, 1927) Thorne & Swanger, 1936
Photo Gallery- Haughton Crater

Female:  1.8 mm; a = 24.4; b =  5.0; c = 55; V = 50.9
Body tapering rapidly anteriorly.  Lip region truncate, lips indistinct, papillae tiny.  Spear proper three-fourths as long as its extensions, which lack definite flanges.  Esophagus at first very narrow, then expanding rather suddenly back of nerve ring.  Intestine at first about twice width of esophagus.  Prerectum length only about equal to body diameter. Ovaries symmetrical.
Enchodelus analatus differs from E. macrodorus in the lack of basal spear flanges, very short prerectum and more tapering neck.
Habitat:  Moss, Kapisigdlit (Fjord of Godthaab), and Upernivik, Greenland.