Genus Ecphyadophoroides
Corbett, 1964
Diagnosis:  Ecphyadophoroidinae.  Cuticle bearing longitudinal ridges all around body for most of its length and which are crossed by transverse grooves to form retangular blocks except in lateral fields.  Lateral fields with a single ridge forming two incisures.  Cephalic region strongly flattened dorso-ventrally; anterior end bottle-shaped in lateral view;  labial disc absent.  Amphidial apertures longitudinal clefts running along most of lateral cephalic contour.  Stylet about 10 um long, with small knobs.  Corpus cylindroid.  Isthmus slender.  Basal bulb enclosing oesophageal glands.  Deirids a little behind level of excretory pore.  Vulva transverse, lips pointed, lack lateral membranes.  Tail elongate-conoid, pointed.  Bursa adanal, flaps rather rectangular, projecting outward and backward.  Spicules tylenchoid.  Gubernaculum linear, fixed.  Cloacal lips forming a short penial tube.

Type species:  Ecphyadophoroides annulatus  Corbett, 1964

Other species:  Ecphyadophoroides theae  Eroshenko & Nguen Vu Thanh, 1981
(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)