Genus Ecphyadophora
de Man, 1921

Body abruptly narrowed behind vulva and base of penial tube. Cuticle appearing smooth but marked with transverse striae. Lateral field with 3 ridges forming 4 incisures. Cephalic region continuous, circular, lacking labial disc. Corpus cylindrical, lacking bulb or valve plates. Dorsal gland forming a long lobe over intestine. Oesophago-intestinal junction obscure. Vulva directed posteriorly, with a flap-like anterior lip covering it, lacking lateral membranes. Postvulval uterine sac short. Spicules needle-like, almost straight. Gubernaculum present or absent. Cloacal lips forming characteristic penial tube directed posteriorly. Bursa with long rather squarish lobe directed posteriorly.

Type-species: Ecphyadophora tenuissima de Man, 1921

From: Tylenchida. Siddiqi, Mohammad Rafiq. 1986