Genus Dorydorella
Andrassy, 1987
Diagnosis (after Andrassy):  Body 0.7 -1.8 mm long, fairly stout.  Head offset, lips angular.  Spear slender, 10-15 times as long as thick, 1.3-2 times longer than cephalic diameter.  Guiding ring simple, thin, level with anterior fourth of third of spear.  Oesophagus expanded somewhat behind its middle, widened part very strong.  Dorsal oesophageal gland nucleus unusually large.  Prerectum short, 1-2 anal diameters.  Vulva transverse, cuticularized, female gonad amphidelphic.  Tail in both sexes conoid, practically straight, short, only 1-2 times as long as anal body width, finely rounded on its tip.  Male known in a single species; supplements few in number, free.

Type species:  Dorydorella bryophila (de Man, 1880)  Andrassy, 1987.
        = Eudorylaimus adipatus Brzeski, 1962

Other species:
        D. paraconfusa (Altherr, 1952) Andrassy, 1987
        D. pratensis (de Man, 1880) Andrassy, 1987
        D. tenuidens (Thorne & Swanger, 1936) Andrassy, 1987
(Description- Loof et al., 1995)