Genus Duotylenchus

Body ventrally arcuate upon relaxation, in type-species 0.39-0.65 mm long. Annules fine, continuous, not sculptured. Lateral field with single ridge. Cephalic region continuous, smooth, anteriorly truncate, framework weakly sclerotized. Amphidial aperture longitudinal slit, said to be sublabial in position. Stylet knobs rounded, slightly asymmetrical. Postcorpus a non-muscular, spindle-shaped swelling lacking valve plates. Terminal bulb elongated-saccate. Cardia distinct. Vulva closed. Vagina at right angle to body axis. Postvulval uterine sac present, about half body width long. Spermatheca round, with small round sperm. Tail elongate-filiform. Bursa adanal, with convex, crenate margins. Spicules tylenchoid; gubernaculum fixed.

Type-species: Duotylenchus bilineatus Saha & Khan, 1982

From: Tylenchida. Siddiqi, Mohammad Rafiq. 1986