Genus Dorylaimellus
Cobb, 1913

Refractive, sclerotized pieces about oral opening.  Spear with flanges.  Enlarged portion of esophagus with a strong muscular sheath which may be slightly spiral in some instances. Spicula relatively short but massive, with strong ventral angle.  Supplements with an unusual arrangement.

Type species: Dorylaimellus virginianus  Cobb, 1913.

Species found:   at:
D. aequalis Konza Prairie
D. demani Konza Prairie
D. directus Konza Prairie
D. discocephalus Konza Prairie
D. graminis Konza Prairie
D. longicollis Konza Prairie
D. monticolus Konza Prairie
D. occidentalis Konza Prairie, 9-Mile Prairie, Homestead, Forensic Project
D. parvulus Konza Prairie, Homestead
D. tenuidens Konza Prairie, Haughton Crater, Forensic Project
D. virginianus Konza Prairie, 9-Mile Prairie