Dorylaimoides elegans
Thorne and Swanger, 1936
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

1.4 mm; a = 38; b = 5.8; c = 31; V = 45
1.2 mm; a = 42; b = 4.6; c = 28; T = 47

Body slightly arcuate, somewhat hooked in male.  Anterior end twisted until amphids are seen dorsoventrally. Spear  about 8u long.  Esophagus a slender tube until gradually expanded in basal portion which is abou 21/2 times as long as body width.  Cardia conoid.  Intestine hyaline with scattered fine granules.  Prerectum length 4-5 times body width.   Ovaries reflexed 2/3 distance back to vulva.  An egg was 18u long.  Males with 4-6 small, mammiform supplements.

Dorylaimoides elegans is generally distributed from Boulder, Colorado north into Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IAD-42 Konza Prairie, First Survey
Konza IIAD-58 Konza Prairie, First Survey
9Mile 6-30 BB1-26 9 Mile Prairie, First Survey