Dorylaimellus directus
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Female: (n=1): L=0.75 mm; a=30; b=2.8, c=21.4; cí=2.3; V=50%; lip region width=8 um; odontostyle=9 um; odontophore=15 um; total stylet length=24 um; tail=36 um.

Lateral chord 4 um wide or 34% of corresponding body width.  Glandular organs which are obscure in the type specimens can be seen quite distinctly in the present specimen.  Lip region 8 um wide, 2 um high.  Nerve ring 66 um from anterior end.  Oesophagus 259 um long; basal bulb 169 um long, comprising 65% of total neck length.  Dorsal gland nucleus located at 67.4% of total neck length; outlet indistinct.  Subventral gland nuclei and their outlets inconspicuous.  Cardia 8 um long, 6.5 um wide.  Individual intestinal cells obscure.  Junction between prerectum and intestine indistinct.  Rectum 26 um long or 1.6 times the anal body diameter.  Tail elongate conoid; caudal papillae inconspicuous.  Reproductive system didelphic-amphidelphic.  Uteri weakly developed.  No sperm cells or eggs present.
Male and juvenile: Not found.

Locality: From soil around the roots of grasses under an Acacia tree at Serondella, close to the Chobe River in the Chobe National Park.