Dorydorella bryophila
Andrassy, 1987
Syn. Dorylaimus bryophilus deMan, 1880

Measurements (from Thorne, 1929)
L = .85 mm; a = 13.9; b = 17.7; V =58

Description (from Thorne, 1929)
    The small robust body with its long slender spear is distinctive of this species.  The posterior two-fifths of the esophagus is enlarged.  The front ovary is on the right, the rear on the left, side of the body and they are reflexed to near the vulva.  The eggs are one and one-half times as long as the vulva body-width and fill the body cavity.
    Only one adult female present in the collection.

(from DuJardin)
Tail conoid, frequently somewhat curved ventrally; lateral series of papillae a conspicuous feature; spear slender, one and one-half times as long as lip region width, the aperture occupying one-seventh its length; posterior half of esophagus enlarged until two-thirds neck width; cardia hemispherical, one-third as wide as the body; prerectum as long as the rectum.  Ovaries reflexed to the vulva.  Eggs one and one-half times as long as the body width.  Males unknown.
An aberrant female with an outstretched posterior ovary was found in a collection made near Wellsville, Utah.