Dorylaimellus aequalis
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

1.0 mm; a=34; b=6.0; c=37; V-59; T-60

Lip region rounded, about one-third as wide as neck base, set off by a constriction.  Amphids as wide as  head.  Spear length about half lip region width.  Spear extensions about three times as long as spear.  Esophagus with an elongate spindle-shaped swelling anterior to the nerve ring and enlarged in its basal two-fifths by a gradual expansion.  This basal enlarged portion is short, glandular and non-muscular, being only two to three times as long, and two-fifths as wide, as the neck width.  The sheath of spiral muscles is a conspicuous feature.  Anterior female sexual branch occupying about one-fourth the body length; posterior branch a short pouch which generally is filled with spermatozoa.  Egg length three times the body width.  Female prerectum length about five times body width.  A band of nerve tissue surrounds the prerectum just behind its junction with the intestine.  A similar band can also be seen on the males.  Spicula elongate, arcuate, with a distinct ventral angle.  Supplements consisting of the usual adanal pair and three ventromedian ones arranged as a pair about two tail lengths anterior to the anus and a solitary one the same distance anterior to the pair.  A series of about 60 pairs of lateral organs present, less prominent than in some other species.  Tails of sexes similar.

Habitat: Soil near Long Bridge, Virginia and alfalfa field, Loma, Colorado.