Genus Dominicactinolaimus
Jairajpuri & Ahmad, 1992

Diagnosis:  Cuticle with fine transverse striations byt without longitudinal ridges.  Lip region offset.  Entrance to stoma encircled by corrugated annulus.  Pharynx with four large onchia that appear to be fused at base of vestibule, forming an arched structure.  Onchia attached basally to strongly cuticularised 'double' gueideing ring.  Numerous denticles present on walls of vestibule.  Odontostyled dorylaimoid, with aperture about one-half length.  Odontophore  rid-like.  Post-extension constriction of oesophagus present.  Oesophago-intestinal junction without glands.  Female reproductive system smohidelphic.  Males with dorylaimoid spicules and suppelments inbventral series.  Tail convex-conoid, becoming filiform; similar in sexes.

Type and only species: Dominicactinolaimus dominicus (Hunt, 1978) Jairajpuri & Ahmad, 1992
       Syn.: Paractinolaimus dominicus  Hunt, 1978

Relationship:  [The new genus] differs from Paractinolaimus in both sexes with filiform tail, and from Trachactinolaimus in absence of characteristic glands at oesophago-intestinal junction.

Species found:       at:
D. dominicus Costa Rica