Diphtherophora obesus
Thorne, 1939
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Nine-Mile Prairie
Photo Gallery- Homestead Prairie

     0.5 mm; a = 10-15; b = 3.7; c = 19; V = 57
     0.5 mm; a = 12-17; b = 3.8; c = 19; = 45
     Bodiespractically straight when relaxed. Cuticle vey thick, resembling a loose sheath which shifts and wrinkles as the nema moves.  Lip region continuous with neck contour with the usual obscure cephalic papillae.  Spear and pharynx a very complicated assembly with strong protrudor muscles.  Basal esophageal bulb elongate conoid, usually hidden by the dense body tissues. Ovaries very long, reflexed. Tails with subdigitate termini.
     Males frequently found, slightly less obese than females. Spicula almost straight with spiral muscles about proximal ends.  A single ventromedian porelike supplement present.
     Diphtherophora obesum is immediately recognized by form of anterior end and subdigitate tails.
     Habitat:  A very common species collected from virgin and cultivated soil from Boulder, Colorado north to Glendive, Montana, Downer, Minnesota and Ames, Iowa.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
9Mile 12-28 BB2-58 9 Mile Prairie, First survey
9Mile 1-28 SW2-14 9 Mile Prairie, First survey