Genus Diplogasteriana
Meyl, 1960
Photo Gallery- Nine-mile Prairie
Photo Gallery- Forensic Nematology

Definition:  Diplogasterinae.  Stoma just longer than wide.  Lip ring entire.  Glottoid apparatus only just anisoglottid; dorsal metarhabdion pyramidiform, with inclined side ridges, the middle one reduced; subventral segments smaller and without ridges but lightly cuticularized.  Oesophagus long and slender, though shorter than in Diplogastrellus, precorpus with longitudinal strengthening ridges.  Female tail long, vulva median, the gonads equally developed; oviparous and only a few eggs at a time in the uterus.  Male with a wide bursa and a short tail thread.  10 pairs of caudal papillae, of which 3 are pre-anal; the first 6 pairs are long bristles, the last 4 minute papillae.  The last 3 pairs form a group at the base of the tail thread.  There is occasionally an extra ventro-median papilla or pairof papillae just anterior to the spicule heads.  Spicules long and slender, proximally knobbed and distally split into 3 lobes.  Gubernaculum about 1/3 as long and distally grooved.

Type species: Diplogasteriana demani (W. Schneider, 1923) Goodey, 1963
(Description- Goodey, 1963