Genus Diplogasteritus
Paramonov, 1952
Photo Gallery- Forensic Nematology

Definition:  Diplogasterinae.  Cuticle may be clearly striated longitudinally.  Lip ring entire in 1 species, but is marked by fine grooves in the others.  The glottoid apparatus is only slightly anisoglottid.  The genus shows a gradual transition from 2 species with the dorsal metarhabdion having a broad middle ridge and wart-like lateral ridges to the formation of a large movable tooth and reduced side ridges.  The small subventral segments each bear a small ridge.  The tail of both sexes is long and fine.  The vulva is median and the post-vulval body diameter is less than the prevulval.  The male has 9 or 10 pairs of caudal papillae, of which 3 pairs are pre-anal. The trio group of the last 4 pairs is situated within the bursal rudiments at the base of the tail thread.

Type species:  Diplogasteritus nudicapitatus (Steiner, 1914) Paramonov, 1952

(Description- Goodey, 1963)