Genus Diploscapter
Cobb, 1913
Photo Gallery- Haughton crater

Definition:  Diploscapterinae.  Head with 4 lips, the dorsal and ventral ones modified to strong, outwardly directed, curved hooks with 2 points (probably representing fused lips), while the lateral lips extend forwards.  Stoma long and narrow, Rhabditid but without glottoid apparatus.  Oesophagus anteriorly cylindrical or with a slightly swollen median bulb present, a narrower isthmus and a valvate terminal bulb.  Vulva median with paired, opposed, reflexed ovaries.  Female tail conical. Male tail peloderan or just leptoderan; bursa with 4-9 pairs of papillae.  Lateral fields present.

Type species:  Diploscapter coronata (Cobb, 1893) Cobb, 1913
            Syn.:    Rhabditis coronata  Cobb, 1893

Other species:
    D. bicornis (Zimmerman, 1898) n. comb.
    Syn.: Rhabditis bicornis  Zimmerman, 1898
    D. libycus Penso, 1938
    D. nodifera Milhelcic, 1953
    D. pachys Steiner, 1942
    D. rhizophilus Rahm, 1928/29
    Syn.: D. rhizophilus v. cannae Rahm, 1928
           D. rhizophilus v. cylindricus Rahm, 1928/29

(Description- Goodey, 1963)