Genus Diplolaimella
Allgen, 1929

Definition:Monhysterinae.  Differing from Monhystera in the character of the stoma which is in 2 parts, an anterior rounded or funnel-shaped cavity which is connected by a narrow duct with the smaller second part which is rounded.  Cuticle smooth, thin; amphids circular.  Head flatly rounded in front carrying 4 or 6 (?) short setae.  Oesophagus almost cylindrical but widening a little behind; oesophago-intestinal valve cells moderately small.  Ovary single, outstretched.  Allgen based the genus on a single female specimen.  The male was described by him in 1930.  Both specimens came from a marine or brackish water habitat on the coast of Sweden.

Type species: Diplolaimella monhysteroides Allgen, 1929

-Goodey, 1963