Genus Desmolaimus
de Man, 1880

Definition: Linhomoeinae.  Cuticle smooth or with faint striations; without setae or lateral alae.  Amphids circular with central point. Head not offset, with or without setae.  Stoma cup-shaped with thin walls, having 3 parallel, ring-like, encircling thickenings or ridges of which the innermost encircles the base of the stoma.  Oesophagus at first cylindrical, then expanding into a muscular, valvate bulb and, finally, connected to the intestine by an elongate oesophago-intestinal valve.  Vulva equatorial; gonads paired, opposed and outstretched.  Male tail with mid-ventral row of bristles.  Spicules arcuate; gubernaculum comparatively large and with posterior prolongations.

Type species:  Desmolaimus zeelandicus  de Man, 1880

-Goodey, 1963