Ditylenchus clarus
Thorne & Malek, 1968
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Nine-mile Prairie

L = 0.7 mm; V = 79
Lateral incisures not observed. Lip region somewhat truncate, twice as wide as high. Spear about 10u long with small rounded knobs. Posterior uterine branch extending slightly more than half way to anus. Terminus bluntly rounded, slightly arcuate.
Ditylenchus clarus is distinctive because of the bluntly rounded terminus, unusually long posterior uterine branch, anterior location of hemizonid and excretory pore and small pyriformbasal bulb.
(Description- Thorne & Malek, 1968)

Female:  L = 0.7 mm; a = 27; b = 5.3; c = 12.8; V = 79%.
Cephalic capsule moderately high, somewhat narrowed at the top, inscribed in the body contour; basal supporting ring distinct; stylet about 10u; stylet heads spherical, relatively large; protractors almost parallel to stylet axis.  Procorpus of esophagus thin and long, approximately as long as the isthmus.  Metacorpal bulb convex-oval.  Nerve ring in anterior part of isthmus, behind metacorpal bulb.  Cardial bulb pear-shaped, its two lobes slightly overlapping beginning of midgut.  Hemizonid and excretory pore behind nerve ring and in front of cardial bulb.  Beginning of midgut tranparent ("hyaline") ventrally and dorsally.  Ovary very long, its apex penetrating trophicosensory region and extending beyond level of excretory pore.  Vulva with lips.  Posterior uterus long, exceeding half vulva-anus distance.  Tail conical, with rounded terminus.  South Dakota.
(Description- Skrjabin, 1970)