Genus Dactyluraxonchium
Coomans and Nair, 1975
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Diagnosis:  Medium-sized nematodes (1.4 - 1.7 mm long), with C-shaped body.  Lip region offset, with low rounded lips.  Odontostyle fusiform.  Guiding ring 'single'.  Anterior part of oesophagus quite muscular, separated from posterior part by short isthmus-like section.  Muscle bundles of oesophageal sheath almost straight.  Anterior genital branch a short uterine sac (usually less than one body width).  Vulva circular.  Vaginal lumen initially very wide and elliptical, then cruciform; vaginal wall thick, not sclerotised.  Tail conoid, sub-digitate, longer than anal body width.

Type speciesDactyluraxonchium arcuatum (Thorne, 1964) Jairajpuri and Dhanachand, 1979.

Other species:  D. watti (Yeates, 1979) n. comb.
                            Syn.: Axonchium (Dactyluraxonchium) watti Yeates, 1979
Remarks:  The subgenus Dactyluraxonchium was raised to a genus by Jairajpuri and Dhanachand (1979)
(Description- Jairajpuri & Ahmad, 1992)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza II AD-105 Konza Prairie, First Survey
KonzaIII AA-32 Konza Prairie, First Survey