Genus Cylindrolaimus
de Man, 1880
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Homestead Prairie

Definition: Cylindrolaiminae.  Cuticle with fine transverse striae, without lateral wings or bristles.  Head not offset, without distinct lips or papillae but with 4 setae.  Amphids circular or spiroid, close to head end.  Stoma a straight-sided cylinder or prismatic tube lined with rhabdions.  Oesophagus cylindrical, not much enlarged behind.  Vulva almost equatorial, gonad single.  Testis single (?), spicules arcuate, without midrib; gubernaculum very inconspicuous or absent.  A single pre-anal mid-ventral supplement or papilla present just in front of anus.  Tail tapering to rounded tip with caudal glands and terminal duct.

Type speciesCylindrolaimus communis  de Man, 1880

Other species:
    C. aberrans  Micoletzky, 1915
    C. abnormis  Allgen, 1933
    Syn.:  Cryptonchus abnormis (Allgen, 1933) Sch. Stek., 1951
    C. baradlanus  Andrassy, 1959
    C. filicaudatus  Allgen, 1933
    C. lacustris  Hafmanner, 1913
    C. macrurus  Daday, 1899
    C. monhystera  Schneider, 1937
    C. obtusus  Cobb, 1916
    C. politus  Daday, 1905
(Description- Goodey, 1963)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IBB-144 Konza Prairie